2 killed, Scores wounded in inter-clan clashes in Hiraan region

By Caasimada Online

Reports reaching us from Eyr-daye and Miira-jibaale villages in Hiraan region indicate that clashes between two clan militias erupted early Sunday morning.

At least two people were killed and several others wounded after the clan militias engaged a fierce gunfight causing residents of the villages to flee from their homes because of the sound of the heavy weapons the two sides were using. Said a local resident.

“The clash erupted after one of the clans launched an attack. There was a stiff battle between the two militias and 2 people from the warring sides died during the clashes while several others were injured,” Added the local resident.

The fight is believed to have been flared up over a pastoral land as the country is suffering from severe flash floods that affected thousands of people in parts of Hiraan and Middle Shabelle regions.

Local residents said there is a lot of tension in the area, adding that there could be more retaliatory clashes in the nearby villages as battle preparation of both sides is underway.

There is still no effort from the traditional elders and peace advocates from the region to ease the tension and enmities between the two clans in the areas.

Arguments over land use, boreholes and pasture have perennially contributed to fighting among Somali clans who are largely pastorals.