9,000 people displaced by floods in Beledweyne town

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

More than 9,000 people have been displaced following floods in Beledweyne town of Hiiraan region after River burst its banks.

Families in Hawo-tako, Koshin and Bundaweyn suburbs have been forced to seek shelter on higher ground in the outskirt of Beledweyne town after their houses were submerged and valuables washed away

Speaking to the media Abdullahi Ahmed Moalim, the governor of Hiiraan region said various riverine villages were washed away after the river flooded following the heavy downpour.

He said that about 9,000 residents in Beledweyne had moved to El-Jalle village for fear of being carried away by the floodwaters.

The governor warned the residents to seek high ground areas as looming floods flashed from Ethiopian Highland and Hills in the region are imminent.

Moalim called on NGO and well-wishers to help the victims as they are spending their nights without shelter and the risk of flood-related diseases.

In a report, UN Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said the river level was at 7.75 meters, which is 0.45 meters above high flood risk level leading the displacement of more than 500 people from Hilaac, Kutimbo and Donsubagle who moved with some moving with their possessions, including livestock to safer areas.

Beledweyne  Airport has been unserviceable for extended periods over the course of the last week due to inundation by rain waters, which hampers the delivery of supplies

UN also said more than 7,000 people in Jowhar town have also moved to Hanti-Wadag village fearing floods from the river which was filled to the brim with frenzied heavy flushing water.

Ahmed Mohamed A