AMISOM Police conducts Refresher course for Somali Police Force

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

AMISOM’s Police Component recently concluded mentorship training for 100 members of the Somali Police Force (SPF) at General Kahiye Police academy in the country’s capital Mogadishu. The week long training is meant to equip the officers with the skills necessary to ensure vigilance and ability to detect as well as address any security threats across Somalia.

The 100 trainees comprised of women and men police officers were taken through the courses of Cordon & Search, Arrest & Handcuffing, Patrols & Motor Vehicle Search, Interrogations and were instructed in community policing and maintaining law and order as well as how to resolve local conflicts and manage hostilities among the general public.

Speaking at the training, AMISOM Police Training Coordinator Dr. Benjamin Agordzo noted that such initiatives are supplemented by joint activities such as the patrols conducted together with the SPF.

    “The trainees have been performing duties for some time now with FPU, going on daily patrols and have been mentored a number of times. We however saw the need of conducting a refresher course on some of the enhanced issues that are prevalent in the mission area today” says Dr. Benjamin Agordzo.

The trainees said the refresher came at an appropriate time when the Federal Government of Somalia supported by AMISOM are setting up a security team to beef up security during the Holy Month of Ramadan, adding that the training is very beneficial.

    “The training has been beneficial and informative, as we have learnt on lessons that we could you as we conduct our daily tasks”, says Abdi Razal Alibashe, an officer of the Somali Police Force. Adding that the lessons covered matters relating to arrests and detainment and other tasks concerning the functions of the police,”

The acquired training will help fill a key gap in the Somali Police Force capabilities, after years of civil war and armed conflict, while at the same time increase the SPF’s ability to enforce the rule of law and protect the communities they serve.

AMISOM trainer Inspector David Olama, expressed confidence that the training will bear fruit as the Somali Police Force continues to improve on their skills and professionalism. He added “On the completion of the training, we will go out with trainees to conduct practical duties such as patrols and see how they apply the taught skills. If we realize some gaps we will bring them back for more refresher training.”

“After the one week here, we will go out with them to practical duties where we go with them for patrols; see how they will apply the skills, and then reinforce them in the field. That is what we call the mentoring and as a result of that, if we get some gaps or we see that there are some gaps still, we bring them back and then do some more refresher training,” adds Dr. Benjamin Agordzo AMISOM Police Training Coordinator.