Banadir Region Adminstration Discovered A Program Nominated Finacial Management Af

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Mogadishu (Caasimadda Online) – The Banadir Region Administration discovered a Program nominated THE NEW AUDITING PROGRAM OF BANADIR REGION ADMINISTRATION AND LOWER GOVERNMENT OF MOGADISHU.

The guest were among   distinguished Ambassadors, members from the Somalia Cabinet Ministers, Attorney General of Somalia, General Auditor of Somalia, Deputy Commissioner of Central Bank of Somalia

The Commissioner of Banadir Region Administration as well as Mayor of Mogadishu Thabit Abdi Mohamed tell the subject of this meeting is how to learn the Mogadishu Public to know the Budget entered the Banadir Region where to spend and also trust their government after all to attend Public National Service, the Commercials and the other Public paid the Taxes that owed and also feel to know what is spending for that budget.

“It is first time after 25 later organized likewise program of Financial Management of Banadir Region and he reiterated the subject to bring out   Transparency Economic System   said Thabit Abdi Mohamed who speak that event.

The Deputy of Prime Minister H.E Mahdi Mohamed Guuleed while he speaking the event acknowledged greatly the officials that organized this meeting open accountability he also told how he is delighted to attend this program which   displayed the income of the region and how tom spend it in order to know the public services that planned   budget money of  Banadir Region and also encouraged that to  applicable for all.

This Program translated that b Mogadishu Public certified the budget collected  by Administration  as well as to  create trustworthy  for the public of Somalia especially people live in Mogadishu he concluded Deputy Prime Minister Mr, Guuleed