Despite challenges, Somali Parliament approves Cabinet

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Somalia’s House of Parliament has overwhelmingly endorsed Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire’s cabinet on Wednesday.

Over the 241 MP’s who voted today, a total of 224 MP’s voted to approve the cabinet, while just 15 voted against it. There were 2 MP’s who voted to abstain the vote.

Earlier this week a petition led by Speaker of Parliament asked the Prime Minister to nominate a new cabinet, a total of 105 MP’s were said to have been signatories. They claimed that the purposed cabinet was not adhering to a power sharing agreement. However, in the end it seems that the MP’s were persuaded to abandon the petition.

The Cabinet was sworn into office immediately after the vote by the Supreme Court. Now, they can legally take up office and begin their work in a ministerial capacity.