Breaking: Trader shot dead in Somali capital

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

A trader in a Dharkeynley district market was gunned down on Tuesday morning, witnesses said.

Muhudin Osoble, who a butcher, working at Sukyare market in Darkeynley district was shot dead by unidentified gunmen shortly after dawn prayer.

Osman Abdi  Ali, a resident said Osoble was killed in Wadajir district after two armed men approached him near a Mosque in Wadajir district.

“We prayed in same mosque, he was heading to his butchery when two men armed with pistols accosted and shot him in the head several. He died on the spot,” Ali told hiiraan Online.

The assailants managed to escape from the crime scene before the law enforcement reached the area.

No group has immediately claimed the responsibility for the murder.