Communique Somalia’s Political situation

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

To: All Somali Political Organizations

To: UN General Secretary

To: Security Council Member States 

To: EU Envoy to Somalia

To: AU, IGAD Secretariat, Arab League, and IOC

On December 3rd, 2014, a big gathering took place at Stockholm, Sweden. The meeting was participated by representatives from different Somali Social and political organizations such as Genuine Traditional Leaders, Emerging Political Parties, Women, Youth Organizations. The aim of the meeting was to asses and evaluate the overall situation that Somalia is experiencing under the leadership of the existing Federal Government, in order to come up with appropriate proposals to save the nation from the all-out war Which is from its old-age enemies of Somalia. After long and thorough discussion, the meeting had measured in a timed fashion, and a deep concern that the Somali sovereignty and its territorial integrity had been compromised.

First and foremost, it should be clear to everybody that no one is above the law, on the light of that, if the President, Prime minister or a Cabinet Ministers infringes or disallows the Rules or regulations, and the basic law of the country which is interim Federal Constitution  he/she is supposed to abide by it; they will automatically be accountable to the law making institution/legislative body.


We would like to hereby mention some dishonest acts which deliberately undermining the Transitional Interim Charter:

  1. 1. The Prime Minister and his cabinet has officially denied the legitimacy of the existing Somali Charter and after signing of the illegal partition of Mudug region, Jubba Region and Lower Shabelle Federal arrangement dilemma and other agreements that is to say totally contradict Federal interim constitution.
  2. The Prime Minister has transformed itself into Self Nominated Signatory leader (Regional and Clan representative level). He unlawfully reshuffled many prominent members in the cabinet , and fired many other senior members of the government who opposed his corrupt policies and appointed two cabinet members without the consent of the president as the Federal Constitution stipulates.
  3. 3. The level of corruption within the Executive branch had increased significantly, and many local and foreign observers regard the current government as the most corrupt since the cycles of ineffectual transitions began in 2000.
  4. An immeasurable level of corruption engulfed the Executive branch and the embezzlement of the national revenue as well as mismanagement of the foreign aid destined to the needy people. To evade accountability and transparency, they handicapped all financial and judicial agencies; these financial and judicial agencies exist by the name only.
  5. The statement from the UN envoy to Somalia has deliberately expressed concern that lawmakers are being bribed to vote against the prime minister in a possible no-confidence motion. This statement is a direct violation of Somali sovereignty and interference in the internal affairs of Somali. Mr. Kay undermined his status as an envoy, therefore he should be declared as a “persona non grata”. Under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations Article 9, states Receiving state may “at any time and without having to explain its decision”

Declare any member of a diplomatic staff persona non grata. A person so declared is considered unacceptable and is usually recalled to h is or her home nation. If not recalled, the receiving state “may refuse to recognize the person concerned as a member of the mission. (Vienna convention on diplomatic relations art. 9 Vienna 1963)

The meeting showed concern about the intimidating messages and insults from UNSOM, EU toward Somali people particularly MPs and and the president

The negative and intimidating messages from the offices of UNSOM,   in the effort to support FG’s power misuse, are corroborating to their biasness and interference with Somali political affairs beyond their mandate and such a messages can be seen a sort of political maneuver to oppress freedom speech of the parliamentarians and emerging unarmed political organizations who are seeking just for change to the better, these Somali peaceful political organizations deserve to nurture them on democracy not to oppress.


The meeting showed concern about the intimidating messages from UNSOM, AU, IGAD toward Somali people particularly MPs and Opposition Groups.  The meeting also appealed again to International Community to speed up their military operation against Al-Shebab/Qaida Terrorists, without which stability cannot be restored to Somalia .


The meeting welcomed the international efforts in supporting Somalis to regain their Sovereignty as a nation, and the incessant humanitarian aid to the drought and war effected people since the Store Hope Operation in 1992 up to now.

Having considered all above mentioned situations, the meeting appealed to all Somali people to refrain from anymore armed conflicts, and come together at a round table to negotiate brotherly without partisan-mediators, and save their lives for each other defending the Country from possible rising schemes.

Last but not least the meeting appealed to the Somali Traditional Leaders, Somali Politicians, wise men and wise women, and the rest of all folks of the Somali society not to take part to any plotting actions aimed our beloved land and/or people (the nation).

  1. We believe that any drafting of the new National constitution must be based on the the 1960s constitution with minor amendments and revisions. This is the only way in which Somalia can get a lasting peace and democracy.
  2. Last, but not the least, Somalia is under siege. Its sovereignty is undermined. Peace achievement in Somalia is deliberately suppressed. Every Somali regardless of clan or political affiliation must promote a culture of peace and resolve differences without resorting to conflict. The so called Somali political intellectuals and leaders shall develop immediate inner conscience and humane attitude to save the people and the country, otherwise we shall all regret at different times and ages.

Once again please, accept the assurances of our highest considerations. 

Somali Progressive Labor Movement Party    

Secretary General,

Dr. Khalif M. Duale