Ethiopian Prime Minister to Visit USA at End of July

AvatarBy Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, will carry out an official visit to the United States on July 28-29, official sources reported today.

Deputy Foreign Minister, Birtukan Ayano, announced Ahmed’s visit, during which he will meet with U.S. senior officials and representatives of the large community of the Ethiopian diaspora based in North America.

Ayano stated that the high level meetings will be held under an atmosphere of respect and mutual understanding, seeking ways of cooperation to benefit both countries.

Nonetheless, experts warned of the need to remain alert, since Washington is directing a historic projection of usurpation of resources and interference in Africa, whose isolated aid has marked elements of interest.

It is known by everyone, or evaded by those who do not want to warn it, that the approach to Addis Ababa was always based on a strategic nuance in the Horn of Africa region; even, the supposed contribution to the normalization of relations with Eritrea is not as healthy as it seems, said Alemayehu Kassa, a researcher at the Center for Strategic Studies.

For Kassa, these ‘efforts to reconcile’ the enemies have behind the scenes a hope of control over the area, which in the end seeks to dominate the Gulf of Aden and secure attacks against Yemen.

Source: – Prensa Latina