Former MP elected as Galmudug President

Ahmed Du’alle Geelle Haaf has been elected as the President of Galmudug after the regional state’s state assembly elected him as their leader at a vote in Adado on Wednesday.

The former federal lawmaker easily advanced in the first round and went head-to-head with Ahmed Sharif in the 2nd round for the region’s top job. After garnering 53 of a possible 89 votes, Haaf was declared the winner.

Mr. Haaf will replace Abdikarim Hussein Guled, who stepped down as President of Galmudug in February citing health issues.

Xaaf, a prominent businessman was formerly a federal Member of Parliament but lost his seat in the 2016/2017 Federal elections.

In his victory speech, the newly elected regional president vowed to tackle security in the region while urging  close cooperation with neighbouring regional administrations.