Former President Hassan Sheikh meets with US Ambassador to discuss elections

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

On Monday, former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud met with US Ambassador to Somalia, Ambassador Larry Andre. The meeting focused on the ongoing national elections, the US government’s role in accelerating the elections, and addressing the ongoing challenges that are dragging the electoral process.

The former Head of State, who has long advocated for credible and timely elections, lauded the United States’ efforts to expedite national elections while addressing flaws that jeopardise the polls’ integrity.

“I met with US Ambassador Larry Andre, and during our meeting, we discussed several topics, such as national elections and the importance of the US government’s support in the country’s recovery process,” the former President said in a tweet.

The meeting also discussed the strategic partnerships between the two governments.

The United States has recently ramped up its role in Somalia, pressuring the Somali leaders to conclude the elections on time, earning the Somali people’s praise for the increased efforts.