Hass Petroleum set to build ‘Africa’s tallest building’ in Nairobi

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

CSEC is currently ranked as the largest construction company in the world. Speaking at the signing ceremony that was held at Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, Chairman of Hass Petroleum Group, Mr Abdinassir Ali Hassan described the signing as a ‘historic’ event and congratulated CSCEC on winning the contract after a long negotiation and tender process.

He said, “It has not been an easy road. CSCEC went through a rigorous tender system, which they won over ten international companies including European, Turkish as well as other Chinese competitors. Hass Group awarding the contract to CSCEC demonstrates a stronger growing economic partnership between the Chinese Government and the Kenyan Government, and is a testament to Kenya’s economic and political stability. This project will give CSCEC a majestic entry point into Africa.”

Mr Li Mingguang, Vice President of CSCEC Overseas Operations said, “This will be the tallest building in Africa and become a landmark in Kenya. It is sure to drive regional development, promote economic growth, and attract more investment and tourism into Kenya. China State Construction understands the importance of this grand project and is honoured to be chosen as the main contractor.”

The signing ceremony was also attended by John O. Odipo, the Counsellor of Kenya’s Embassy in China, and the Commercial Counsellor of Kenya’s Embassy in China, Vincent E. Omuse, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of White Lotus Inc., Mr Sita Ramachandra Raju Poosapati and Vice President of CSCEC Overseas Operations, Mr Zhang Zhiping.

Hass Towers, an iconic mixed use development is set to open its doors in 2020, in Nairobi’s business district of Upper Hill.

Construction of the foundations for Hass Towers is due to start in April this year when the project will be officially be launched in Kenya.

Once complete, this record-breaking mixed use development will include Grade A offices, a five-star Hilton hotel, plus a luxury retail and entertainment complex.

Standing over 300 metres high with 67 storeys, the tallest tower is designed to represent ‘the height of African achievement’, considerably taller than the current record holder, the Carlton Centre in South Africa (at 50 floors and 223 m tall).

Kenya is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies with strong growth in agricultural, tourism, construction and telecommunication sectors.

Kenya is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies with strong growth in agricultural, tourism, construction and telecommunication sectors.

The project is conveniently located just 16km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, in Nairobi’s growing financial hub of Upper Hill, where many embassies and international organisations have already set up their regional offices, including Cisco Systems, World Bank and the IMF.

Currently,Africa’s tallest building is Carlton Center in Johannesburg,South Africa measuring 732 feet or 223m tall with 50 floors,second is Hassan II Mosque  in Casablanca, Morocco at 689 feet  with 60 floors completed in 1993,third is Ponte City Apartments in South Africa at 567.7 feet tall ,fourth is 530 feet tall Bahia Center in Oran, Algeria.

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