Hirshabelle President receives vote of no confidence from regional Parliament

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

The President of Hirshabelle, Ali Abdullahi Osoble has been ousted from office after a vote of no confidence tabled by 72 lawmakers was passed by the regional parliament.

An overwhelming 68 out of the 76 MP’s who attended the parliamentary session voted to oust Osoble, leaving only 6 MPs who rejected the vote and two MP’s who abstained.

The vote was read by Deputy Speaker of Hirshabelle Parliament, Anab Ahmed Isse.

A vote of no confidence is a vote that shows the majority of representatives does not support the policy of a leader and thus, deems him or her unfit to govern.

The vote came on the heels of the resignation of 13 cabinet ministers who accused the embattled leader of violating the state constitution and gross incompetence.

Mr. Osoble narrowly escaped a previous motion to table a vote of no confidence in early March. The motion was aborted by MPs after they came to an agreement with Osoble.

Osoble was elected as the first President of Hirshabelle State on October 17, 2016, by regional MPs in Jowhar.

The Deputy President, Ali Abdullahi Hussein is now the acting President in accordance with the state constitution.