Asad Cabdullahi MataanBy Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

It was long time since the collapse of Somali central government in 1991, which led the end of 21 years of dictatorial rule in the poor nation. Somalia had no friends in any of international communities, after when the dictatorship rule of Somalia cut the ties with the Soviet Union in 1977 and decreased number of Soviet diplomacies in Mogadishu at that time.

A new era of violence had just started, every one of Somalis was aware approaching the doom but, was helpless and nothing could stop. Tough days had just passed, the life of Somalis turned into mystery, civil wars, diseases and severe droughts broke out in nation wide. Hundreds of thousands were massacred, millions were displaced, and others died of diseases. Floods of refugees escaped to neighboring countries, residential and business places were looted and burnt down, cities and streets were empty, only armed wagons and unprofessional armed militias could be seen on the streets.

Over 16 reconciliation summits were held to restore peace and order, to rebuild the failed nation and to stop the violence in the last twenty years but, nothing could be solved, Life became harder and harder to Somali folks. Death and distraction were part of their life but, the raise of Islamists and the pirates were the most dangerous situations to Somalis, Islamists who imposed Sharea law to the southern part of the country, had no political plan and strategy towards reconciliation and international relations. A UN backed weak Somali transitional government based in Baidaio led by late president Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed faced threats from Islamists, things deteriorated. Eventually Islamists were defeated and transitional government moved to the capital after strong military support from neighboring country of Ethiopia.

However the reconciliation process still on the table, and nothing done yet. But the question is what type of reconciliation is needed, how these people can be reconciled, who are the decision makers, politicians, traditional leaders or religious groups?. Where do we need to start this?.
Los Angeles, CA