Iranian nationals kidnapped in Somalia

TEHRAN (Caasimada Online) – At least 18 Iraninan nationals have been kidnapped by different pirate groups and Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab in Somalia.

Up to 14 Iranian fishermen were reportedly detained by Al-Shabab group, according to Iran’s lawmaker, Abdolqafur Iranejad.

Iranejad says the other 4 men were captured by different pirate groups in Somalia.

“Of the 18 fishermen detained by the Somalis, 4 are detained by different pirate groups and 14 are detained by Al-Shabab terrorist group,” Iranejad said.

He says there have been ongoing efforts which was aimed to free all hostages from Chabahar, who were detained by
pirates and terrorists in Somalia.

He added that 4 fishermen had been freed so far, thanking the intelligence and foreign ministries for their efforts in freeing the fishermen.

Caasimada Online
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