Killers get 75 years for Willlowbrae shooting

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

THE father of a drug dealer shot dead with a submachine gun has welcomed the 75-year sentence given to his gangster killers as they will “no longer be able to hurt anyone again”.

Mohammed Abdi died from a gunshot wound to the chest from a powerful Mac-10 weapon following a street battle involving several men in Willowbrae last May.

His attackers – Mohamud Mohamud, 30, Cadil Huseen, 23, and Hussein Ali, 26 – were each handed life sentences and ordered to serve a minimum of 25 years at a hearing at the High Court in Glasgow yesterday.

Abdi’s father, Muslim cleric Omar Abdi, said: “Nothing will bring my son back, but I am relieved to know that the persons who committed this terrible crime will no longer be able to hurt anyone again and I hope no other family will suffer as we have.

“I would like to thank wholeheartedly the various communities across Edinburgh who were affected by this tragic death and who went on to provide vital support to the investigation.

“I was heartened when I saw the number of cards and flowers that were laid where my son died and provided me with comfort that he had been a friend to a number of people who shared in my grief.

“I would like to thank Police Scotland and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, who along with others have brought these individuals to justice.”

Judge Lord Turnbull said the trio of killers were part of a “wholly corrupt lifestyle” and were prepared to “engage in violence of an extreme nature”. He added: “You went to find Mohammed Abdi and the others in order to eliminate the competition in which they were involved.”

Mohamud and Ali showed little emotion as they were lead to the cells. Huseen smiled and gave a thumbs up to friends as he left the dock.

The shooting took place against the backdrop of a bitter feud between rival factions of a London-based Somali gang operating in Scotland.

Witnesses said the gangsters were making £15,000 a week from peddling drugs including crack cocaine.

Abdi was charged with drug offences three weeks before his death after a police raid on his flat in Buchanan Street, Leith. But detectives were unable to pinpoint a definitive motive for the unravelling of the gang ties between Abdi and his murderers.

A post-mortem found Abdi – who came to Edinburgh from Somalia as a teenager – had been shot three times.

Lawyers for the killers told the court yesterday the three had been on good terms with Abdi before violence erupted.

Ali’s QC, John Scott, claimed his client was “struggling to come to terms” with the shooting and that Abdi had been a “good friend”. Ahmed Ahmed, 28, Liban Ahmed, 30, Said Fadal, 32, and Said Tarabi, 27, had been accused of murder, but their not guilty pleas were previously accepted.