Mandera unaffected by ongoing teachers’ strike, Governor Roba reveals

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Mandera County public schools have been spared the ongoing nationwide teachers strike and pupils are taking lessons with the support of untrained tutors. Governor Ali Roba said the nationwide strike was not effective in the county after upcountry teachers deserted Mandera following the terrorist bus attack which killed 28 teachers in November 2014.

Roba said he had hired 830 untrained teachers to offer assistance to pupils who have suffered without Teachers Service Commission (TSC) staff. “We are lucky we are spared the current strike in peculiar circumstances because there was no teacher left in Mandera after the mass exodus of staff on TSC payroll,” Roba said.

“We suffered at the hands of TSC staff when they deserted pupils because of security threats. But we have hired 830 untrained teachers and 460 Early Childhood Development (ECD) teachers all on Mandera County payroll,” said Roba in an interview.

“We are hearing some Kenyans asking for postponement of examinations but strangely Mandera County is ready for the examinations,” said Roba. He said schools in Mandera were fully operational Roba dismissed sentiments that Mandera County was insecure and said police statistics showed it recorded the lowest incidents of crime compared to 46 counties across Kenya.

“Our worry is the changing nature of terror attacks which showed severity targeting upcountry workers but overall we are fairly safe,” he said. “We have heard challenges with terror attacks but the national government security agencies of Kenya Police, Administration Police, the GSU, the Rapid Deployment Unit, and Kenya Defence Forces together with county police reserves have improved the security situation,” Roba said.

Roba said the cross border attacks and breaching of Kenya’s territorial integrity need to be addressed.

Source Standard Digital