Ministry for Security says more police were deployed to secure the Parliament

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

The Ministry of Security refuted reports claiming the parliament building was forcibly taken over by forces loyal to the executive.

The initial report by Somali parliament, speaker, Mohamed Osman Jawari accused the prime minister, Hassan Ali Kheire of spearheading the raid on Lower House.

Speaking to the media, Somali state minister of Security, Hassan Moalim Hussein said the forces were sent to secure the parliament.

“We are the ones who asked the police chief to send soldiers to reinforce the soldiers who were guarding the parliament and he accepted our request, our responsibility is to secure the Parliament,” said Hussein.

For his part, the chief of the police, Bashir Abdi Mohamed said the soldiers dispatched will maintain the stability of the House as the row within parliament members is escalating.

Mohamed vehemently distanced the police forces from the blame laid by the House Speaker, Mohamed Osman Jawari, saying the law enforcement is established to serve the public not individuals.

Jawari who spoke to the media last night accused the government of sending forces to take over the parliament.

The political crisis has been escalating since early this week when dozens of Somali lawmakers submitted motion against the speaker.

On Wednesday, the Parliament General Secretary, Abdihakim Haji Abdi Buh announced the motion against Jawari was dropped after it failed to get the required quorum.

Source: Hol