Over 80 Somali deportees arrive in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU (HOL) – At least 84 Somali nationals deported from Kenya have arrived in Mogadishu on Saturday marking the end of very poor living standards they experienced while at Kenyan detentions for nearly a month.

The deportees including women, children and old people were warmly received at Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International airport by key government officials including Aviation and Transport minister Said Jama Qoorsheel and Somali ambassador to Kenya Mohamed Ali Nur (Ameeriko) who has been in Mogadishu for the past several days after the Somali government recalled him in protest over the arrest of a Somali diplomat in Nairobi late last month.

“These people have experience very terrible living conditions during detention in Kenya for weeks, while thousands more are still under arrest in Kenya” ambassador Nur told the media at the airport as he and other officials received the deported Somali nationals on Saturday.

For his part the transportation minister Said Jama Qoorsheel noted that his government will draw special programs to help the deportees establish new life in the country.

“A very large number of people are still held in Kenya and the Somali government will do its utmost to get them out of detentions and return to their homeland instead of continuing to experience hardships at Kenyan detention centres” the minister explained.

Previously Kenya deported nearly 200 Somali nationals who were arrested in the ongoing xenophobic mass arrests against Somali nationals in Kenya.

Source: HOL