Prime Minister welcomes the Agreement between SW6 and SW3 on the formation of the Interim South West Administration

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed alongside H.E President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Honorable Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari attended a historical ceremony that led to the formation of the Interim South West Administration, which will include Bay, Bakol and Lower Shabelle. This agreement recognized the need for a political strategy that establishes a legitimate governance structure based on the aspirations of the people and in accordance with the Provisional Federal Constitution. It is an achievement that will lead to greater endeavors whilst establishing an inclusive and viable regional administration. Furthermore, the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Federal Government of Somalia will be fully respected.

The Interim South West Administration, SW6 and SW3, have agreed to establish a unified administration. The Prime Minister of Somalia will ensure fair representation of all constituencies in the regions of Somalia and will ensure that state-building process will be conducted through peaceful means. Furthermore, any actions that might endanger peace and security will be avoided and harmonious regional bonds will promote unity within the Federal Government of Somalia

In addition, the Federal Government of Somalia will facilitate consultations between the Interim Juba Administration and South West Administration with a view on mutual concerns and interests.

The parties will establish a technical consisting of 13 members to which each of the two sides will select 5 members while the Federal Government of Somalia will appoint 3 members accordingly. The committee, within 10 days from today’s ceremonial signing, will prepare and agree upon the process and road map for the implementation of Interim South West Administration.

“Today is a great day for the future aspiration of the Somali people. It is groundwork for the establishment of the Federal states within Somalia. This will lead to stronger bonds, continuation of peace and strengthening security within the great nation of Somalia.

I am delighted that on this day we have set precedence for the future of Somalia, for the future of peaceful state-building, reconciliation and stability” H.E Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed said.

Today is a historic day that was celebrated among the great people of Somalia. It is a day of reconciliation in a peaceful approach that will lead to regional strength and friendship. By boldly moving ahead and settling regional affairs in a peaceful and deferential manner Somalia has set precedence on future state-building matters