Rewarded MP Seat at Federal Somalia Parliament 11th by Ahmed Madoobe

By Saalax Saciid Sabriye

In the midst of the election season, the regional administration is gearing up to elect an MP for the Federal Government. The Kenyan Government wants to further their own agenda, specifically with regards to the Somali-Kenya Maritime dispute, that the ICJ court has ruled in favour of the Somali Federal Republic. Therefore, Ahmed Madoobe is being pressured by the Kenyan Government to add and reward handful of the Kenyan Active Spy agent for the Federal Parliament of Somalia, in exchange for keeping his own presidential seat for the next 5 years.

We have been in contact with a Former Senior NISA official, who has requested anonymity, who has confirmed and said adding Kenyan spy agent for Federal Somali house of the people Parliament would be “catastrophic” for Somalia’s national security and stability. He further added that “Mr. Omar is the ringleader” and has been an active Kenyan spy who worked in Somalia since 2010 with different capacity,

He is well known for NISA and other security agencies regarding the espionage activities he was involved while he was working UK Embassy in Mogadishu. Rewarding him MP seat for Somali Federal Parliament will cause damage and is a threat to the Somali national security and Sovereignty. The Federal Government must have a mechanism in place to carry out a through background check of the new MP’s whenever the regional leaders are selected their family members, in-laws, business partners and family friends, this include screening and comprehensive security clearance before taking a formal oath as MP

However, the Kenyan Government hasn’t given up the hope of taking over the Somali coast. According to reliable sources, Ahmed Madobe is ready to work with Kenyan authority to win over the Somali coast. He is about to keep the promised and ready to rewarded an active Kenyan spy agent for MP seat in the Federal Parliament of Somalia, in order to wage a political war inside for Somali legislation aiding Kenya to take over the ownership aimed at future maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia

Moreover, Council of Presidential candidates, Somali intellectual’s communities, Electoral Management bodies(EMB’s) Federal and State level, Election dispute commission, Somali National Intelligent Agency (NISA), other security agencies, and the Somali political stakeholders should be aware and protect their sovereignty, solidarity and unity for the nation during the election season.

Over and above that, Mr. Omar is the ringleader and mastermind with his accomplice, other Kenyan spy agents should not be rewarded MP seat for Somali Federal Parliament He has been imported and brought-in from outside of Somalia territorial integrity boundaries for destruction, uprooted of the peace and stability of a war-torn nation. Similarly, he isn’t fit being in a position of power or authority where he can jeopardize Somalia’s path to stability and recovery.

Finally, the Federal system requires an entrenched culture of constitutionalism and conformity to the rule of law. We will have to not only agree on countless number of laws and rules but also make sure we comply with them. How can we do that when we cannot abide by a handful of the most basic of rules? This is a recipe for perpetual conflict and the eventual disappearance of Somalia the map on the earth.

Now it’s up to us to say something about this failed, corrupted and incompetent Ahmed Madobe. Please remember that silence is an endorsement.

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