Somali MP injured in explosion claimed by Al Shabaab

MOGADISHU (Caasimada Online) — Somali Federal MP has serously injured in bomb explosion claimed by Al Qeda linked Al-Shabaab group in Somali capital Mogadishu.

Hon. Mohamed Mursal Borow sustained injuries and his driver was killed after bomb explosives fitted into his vehicle exploded near National Theater area in the capital.

Somali police says the injured lawmaker Borow had been taken into hospital runs by Turkish doctors in Mogadishu.

The blast has partially destroyed the Borow’s vehicle.

Somalia’s armed group Al Shabaab claimed the responsibility for the explosion through its website.

The group vowed to rump up attacks targeting Somali lawmakers in the capital of Mogadishu.

The Islamist group has been waging insuregency for more than 10 years in Somalia.

The group, which once controlled much of Mogadishu capital in 2011, wants to topple the weak-western backed
govenment of Somalia.

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