Somalia: Al Shabaab executes alleged UK and US spies

MOGADISHU (Caasimada Online) — Somalia’s Al-Shabaab firing squad has executed five men in a public execution, after accusing them of being spy for UK, US and Somali governments.

The execution took place in Jilib town, some 280 km (175 miles) south of Somali capital Mogadishu

In a statement, Al-Shabaab’s governor for the Jubba regions said its fighters executed Awale Ahmed Mohamed, 32 spied for MI6.

The group says the victims were spying for US, UK and Somali governments.

There was no immediate comment from US and UK over the claims made by Al-Shabaab.

“We killed 5 men – 4 of the them spied for the United States and United Kingdon and helped guide drones to carry out strikes in Somalia”, the group said.

The Al Qaeda linked Al-Shabab, which once controlled much of Somali capital Mogadishu, in 2011, wants to tople the weak-westren backed government of Somalia.

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