Somalia closes dozen embassies overseas for financial hardship

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Somali has cut the number of its embassies to 31, closing nine in Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Europe, Abdiraham Beyle, the Somali foreign minister told reporters on Thursday.Beyle disclosed in a press conference that nine of the country’s embassies abroad had been temporarily closed, describing the move as a bid to minimize the huge funds that the government spends abroad.

He said that embassies closed included, South Sudan, Libya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Syria, Germany, England and Malaysia.

Beyle added that Cabinet ministers had been discussing the closures, which he said would not affect the diplomatic relations between Somalia and countries concerned.

“This move does not mean that these countries are not important for Somalia, but after consultation with the countries involved, we agreed, because Somali government cannot financially run these embassies,” Beyle said.