Somalia’s state leaders warn of insecurity lapses

MOGADISHU (Caasimada Online)—Somalia’s regional state leaders have warned that the country could lapse into anarchy after their 4th forum of the council of Inter-State Cooperation [CIC] concluded in Garowe, capital of Puntalnd .

The state leaders agreed to prevent any alleged obstacle attempts by central government, ahead of the presidential vote of Southwest in Baidoa town, some 250km southwest of Somali capital Mogadishu.

The spokesman of Council of Inter-State Cooperation [CIC] Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan accused of Villa Somalia of dispatching pro-candidates to Baidoa town, sponsoring their campaigns by using the “public funds” to win the regional presidential election of Southwest state.

Hassan says a cargo plane carrying bulletproof vehicles and weapons for pro-candidates landed at airport in Baidoa town.

“This is unfortunately as the Federal government to improve its influence and preparing political conflict in Southwest state election by using the “public funds”, he said.

The remarks came after Somalia’s Minister of Energy and Water, Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed, popularly known as [Lafta Gareen] with bulletproof vehicles and weapons landed at airport arrived in Baidoa, a town about 250km southwest of the capital of Mogadishu.

There was no immediate comment from Somali authorities over the latest allegations.

However, attention in recent days has turned to Baidoa, the interim capital of South West state, as high-level al-Shabab defector Mukhtar Robow and pro-government candidates also seek the regional presidency.

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