Ten points for the FGS to ponder and consider in 2020

Asad Cabdullahi MataanBy Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

By: Dr. Abdinur Sheikh Mohamed, Leader of Midqaran Party www.midqaran.org

  1. 2019 was a year of unnecessary political conflict; reconcile your differences with opposition groups and Federal Member States before others force a resolution.
  2. Government was rigid, somewhat arrogant and often abusive last year. Work hard to make government flexible, responsive and visibly and honestly caring for the needs of its citizens.
  3. The FGS has taken its eyeball away from al-Shabab; We must put all our national energy and resources to get rid of this national enemy.
  4. We falsely claimed independence from the Gulf conflict! However, reality indicates that Somalia is knee deep in that conflict. We must strategize quickly and put of all our efforts to prevent another proxy war in our country.
  5. Security, strong institutions and good governance should come before oil exploration. We must develop collective plan, resource sharing and necessary local expertise before we engage in a long term consequential and conflict prone deals.
  6. Federalism is the law of the land; Embrace it and if necessary improve it through Parliament until Somalis themselves decide its fate in a national referendum.
  7. Allow Federal Member States to elect their own homegrown leadership and work with them. Your mandate is to help all of Somalia move forward.
  8. At a time of crisis, we all should unite against our enemy; Opposition groups must be allowed to function freely, however, they must also give a breathing space for government to act.
  9. Government is like a machine and its parts must be replaced. Embrace change in leadership and professional staff. Recruiting new talent is good for the machinery of government.
  10. Your success and failure will be judged in how peaceful Somalia remains in the election year and how smooth the transition will be.

Midqaran Party