By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

The Commissioner of Banadir Region requested The Council of Ministers of the Federal Government  to increase budget of the region to 10%  while of the Cabinet  has convened their regular  meeting as chaired the Prime Minister of Somalia H.E. Hassan Ali Kheire, The Agendas includes   The Bill of Terrorism, decision have reached included building around the International Airport.  After listening reports from The Commissioner of Banadir Region and The General Auditor of Somalia and other agendas.

The Council of Ministers listened  report from Minister  Transportation and  Aviation who  told    reasonably to become Aden Adde International Airport as recognized  international standard needs to enlarge to 150 Meters for every angle for the Runway landed by the  Airplanes , after  a long discussion they decided  for emergency   to enlarge as soon as possible  in to 150 Meters .

The Commissioner of Banadir Region as well as Mayor of Mogadishu Thabit Abdi Mohamed was reported to the Cabinet last 100 Days developments of Banadir Region such as insecure of the Capital, Sanitation, Building Roads, Social Integration Discovering Good Visioning of Mogadishu City Status (Maqaamka Muqdisho) ETC, The Cabinet were praised to The Commissioner Thabit his efforts and promised to work fully with him in every side.

The Commissioner of Banadir Region as well as Mayor of Mogadishu Thabit Abdi Mohamed attended for the first time Thursday’s meeting of the Cabinet which chaired by Prime Minister H.E. Hassan Ali Kheire.

The Commissioner of Banadir Region Thabit reported to the Cabinet the situation of Banadir Region such as Security, Development and Obstacles stands currently and he explained in details the involvement since he handover from office’s leadership.

He told to the Cabinet that Banadir Region served to Somalia Public in to 25% and also received 15% Budget from Mogadishu’s Seaport.

The Commissioner of Banadir Region Thabit requested to Council of Ministers to increase to 10% and reached to 25% in order to transforming basic service that needs citizens in Mogadishu.

Banadir Region Administration last week discovered Mechanism of Public Management of the Mogadishu Public which is a modern system that administers budget and expenditure local government of Mogadishu. Fifteen Percentage form Mogadishu Seaport planned to the Banadir Region in order to develop public service of Mogadishu, I requested firmly the Quota to become in the future 25%   — Thabit (@ThabitMhd) August 17, 2017.

The Banadir Region budget from Mogadishu Seaport managed jobs and different services to the Local Government of Mogadishu, and previous administrations received from Mogadishu Seaport budget estimated 15% Quota.

The General Auditor Mohamed Mohamud Ali displayed summary reports to the Cabinet for his office’s duties, plans   expecting to develop office. PM Kheire underlined the crucial of fighting the corruption and he ordered also to the General Auditor of Somalia to take every steps to tackle the corruption in order to obtain real accountability.

The Council of Ministers endorsed unanimously The Terrorism Bill, which presented in previous meetings from Security Minister; this Legislation is crucial restoring security, peacemaking and eradication for Terror Groups which inflicted to the Public of Somalia.

The Council of Ministers handing over The Bill of Petroleum and Statistics and both Ministers of Petroleum and National Planning summaries to Cabinet, these Bills the cabinet should  be revised and presented back to the cabinet in to next meetings insha ALLAH.

Deputy PM Mahdi  Mohamed Guled ( Khadar) presented to the Cabinet report about 100 Days involvements of the Cabinet and also acknowledged the Cabinet  their dedicated efforts integration which resulted for this short period of time to implemented  many works that crucial for the country, and also Deputy PM requested to the Cabinet for next coming Nine Months agendas  insha ALLAH.

In Conclusion The Council of Ministers send their condolences to family that deceased Ex- Abdirahman Jama Barre who  held different governmental positions such as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Finance Minister and Deputy PM of Somalia, and The Minister of Foreign Affairs  Yusuf Garad Omar Ahmed  who told the cabinet there are discussion between the passed away  Ex-Minister to bring back too Mogadishu  to  rest in peace in Mogadishu-Somalia; May Almighty ALLAH gave his mercy and compassionate insha Allah.