The Kenyan Government Should Rething Their Destruction Decision Of Sending Somali Refugee Back To Somalia

The Recently order by Kenyan government to send all Somali refugee back to Somalia was ill-advised and consequences of this move will be disaster for Kenyan economy as well as further damaging on the image of investment policy.

How Kenyan police carried out their operation to sweep all Somali refugee back to Somalia were unprofessional and inhuman manner   which is against the basic human right in Geneva conversion.

They captured whoever his/her identify look like Somali, they entered every homes, restaurants, hospitals, lodges throughout in Kenya, they terrorizing, harassing and humiliating the people.   They was targeting particularly Somali community regardless weather   they are Somali Kenyan or Somali Somalia’s, both of them were arrested without asking any identification documents, they looted countless money belongings to  the people, some report said there was rape case complaint of same woman’s, many people who  were walking on the street and had same amount of money in their pockets were taking them away as local tv station broadcasted one of victim who claimed over 5000 us dollar had been taken by Kenyan police and money other the worsts horror case had happened.

Although Kenya government says the reason behind this operation was followed the recent bomb blast attack occurred in various part of Kenya, and it is new measure steps that government want to take in order to restore the security of country, although  kenya is second home of Somalia we always love kenya is  peace country and we thank them  how they welcomed thousands of samali refugee but many political analyst like writer of this article are in believe it cannot be justified  what government of kenya  is trying to use as an excuse in the name of fighting against terrorist, such operation  appeared to be political motivated by powerful politician who intends to chase the Somali businessman’s away from easlight  shopping complex in Nairobi which commonly know as garisa market which also become the most commercial hub and the biggest profitable market in east/ central African regions. And those behind had hidden agenda which won’t be worked.

Therefore, I want show you very clear picture on how kenya are the most beneficiary of the somali business, those following points are shown as below.

1, the somali people are the top investor in Kenyan economy, remember  it was in 1991 when the first somali refugee arrived in kenya at that time easliaght was the worst  place compare to other areas in Nairobi  and had not good lodges  ,restaurants, hospitals  banks and houses  as well as shops,  and if you see today you can find five standard hotels plus garissa shopping complex which become the busiest shopping center for 40 million of Kenyan who come from different districts to make their shopping day today, who invested this business it is Somali businessman’s  and       don’t forget the  other e sectors  outside easlight Nairobi  which Somali  investors heavily invested are including such as, money transfer know as xawilaad,  small industry, transportation, land, hospitals , patrol stations, import and export goods,  developer of real estate building, schools, and many other valuable business.

2, job creation;  the Somali investor has also created over 100, 000 of jobs, the easlight is most populated areas of Somalis community  which during British colonial gave Somali Kenyans and it estimates over  200,000 of population living in  are Somalis and each family of Somali   has Kenyan kaparwa [house clean workers] who works permanently their homes and lodges, hospitals, restaurants which belongings to Somali businessman’s ,that means  over 100, 000 of  unskilled Kenyan  got jobs from the Somali  community and their monthly earn are the only source of income they support their depending families , for example, Kenyan local construction companies is the most  benefited  by offer contract by somali investors who own real estate building in many part of Kenya.

3,pays billions of tax;  annual kenyan receives billion of shilling of tax directly from the somali business as department revenue  authority are shown the last report released that indicate easliaght business was listed in number 4 on top ten the highest tax pays to government plus the miraa trading which is second  on top ten. Especially that  for meru  community who is the most benefitted for miraa trading, if you ask  question one of meru community   if somali stops buying mira what would happen to you  simply will answer to you  oh there is no way we can survive rather then we  die, furthermore  the recent  UN report  released  about somali economy indicate that the cost of importing miraa is over 200,000 million of us  dollar worth in each year and said that huge amount of money is wasting  for things which is not added value lives of people and they  strongly  suggested that miraa trading must be stopped and it should relocate that money to other business sector which has valuable lives of people, although kenyan is making a lot of money ,  it is true  miraa trading is the biggest destroyer of  our economy, and thousands of  generation of our youth somali  future,  this clear shows that how big trade imbalances has had somali for the last 22 years  as compare to Kenya economy, for example if  somali  invest only 200,000 million of dollar of miraa importing one year in agriculture sector then it could be produced enough food to feed the whole somali, and definitely that it will also be  able to create  thousands of jobs, which will benefit   thousands of  youth unemployment who has been suffered hopeless  for 22 yrs,

4, money transfers ; [ xawilaad];  migrant money transfers  send to Kenya  is estimated over  700, 000, 000 kenya shilling  that money normally  it is monthly bills of  migrant sends  to their relative who is refugee living in Kenya in order to survive their lifes, normally Kenya government receives  millions of tax from the money transfers of somali community, on other sides  the thousands of refugee spends that money of their basic needs such as  to pay of house rent, school bills of their children, hospitals, bus fare, food shopping and many other things.          All in all everybody knows that huge amount of spending money always  boost  to kenyan economy growth ,

All those information which I motioned above is fact findings’ which needs to be understood for those who don’t know, for that reason  all kenyan  must be considered the somali refugee as they are  their greatest investor who deserves to be respected, as theory of business  say[ there is only noe boss whom is customer].

Conclusion; Somalis are not beggar who depending on aid assistance and are not threating to kenyan security but they are the peaceful people who participating the development activities  on going in kenya,  but recent harsh decision made by Kenya government of sending  refugee back to Somalia has brought many of Somalis businessman to have suspended their business in kenya and have shifted to their motherland in order to participate the new effort of rebuilding of their country which desperately need  in a lot of money investing to revive the collapsed economic state .

The writer is political analyst and columnist

Hassan abdi hirsi