This is the result of our bad humanity!! (Short story)

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

He started talking to his self in hidden. Blaming on her for being failed to join into the well-of societies that he live with. He has been on the sickness bed for years as he was suffering from disability.

The disability forced him to lay down on the bed and not move from there to anywhere else. He faced mental illness which caused him to become highly depressed. At the last, he started thinking of a way through which he can get another type of life which might be better then what he used to have.

He was living with a community who has very much hatred behavior. They dislike helping each other. And for that hate-full situation, the weak should prefer to die in case he get any kind of problem rather than seeking support from his respective community.

Beside the health problems that he was facing, Salim was also missing any source from which he can get support to solve his problem. And he was not able to solve that problem on his own as his family was very poor, and his mother whose work is milk selling was not able to pay the cost for the medical care that needed by her son.

Simply, Saalim convinced himself to give up to the hard situation that he was living in.. he get disappointed to live longer with that bad situation, and he decided to take the last action in order to overcome his problems.

After a while of thinking, he lastly found out making suicide for his own self to be the best solution for his problem as he thought. He stepped forward to change that decision into action, and he cut his pens to cause that his death.

It is his unfortunate to be still alive as he was rescued by a people who come to him and took him to the hospital after he did that dangerous action. But it is the luck of his mother and all kind people who knew that Saalim has been saved from the danger.

Right now, Salim is in one of Private hospitals in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. He and his mother are still sending their messages to everyone of have the sense of humanity to help the getting out from their current hard life.

Written by: Mohamed Abdullahi Abubakar (Dhaley)