UN cheifs visit Somali-Ethiopia region after days of civil unrest

MOGADISHU, Somalia (Caasimada Online)—Head of United Nations’ WFP Steven Were Omamo, and UNICEF, Gillian Mellsop have paid a visit Somali-Ethiopia region after deadly violance killed dozens of people.

Omamo and Mellsop arrived in Jigjiga town to see firsthand how people affected by recent violence and civil unrest.

The UN’s representatives assessed what further support was needed and emphasized the importance of strong partnerships in improving the situation.

A humanitarian coordination committee comprising both government and humanitarian partners has been established to identify food distribution points in the city, after thousands of people were forced from their homes amid the disturbances.

Omamo says WFP would continue supoorting to the people in the town, who are facing enormous challenges.

He added “It is encouraging to see how the situation is stabilizing through the efforts of the Ethiopia and the support of humanitarian partners”.

For her part, UNICEF’s chief in Ethiopia, Gillian Mellsop said children and women still face enormous challenges in accessing basic services such as water and health.

Mellsop stated “we are doing our best to ensure that support continues to reach them even as we restore currently-suspended programmes for other vulnerable populations.”

UNICEF is providing high-energy biscuits to children and women, buckets, blankets, soap and water-treatment chemicals.

UNICEF was supporting the treatment of approximately 132,000 children and 110,000 pregnant and breastfeeding women for moderate malnutrition and 8,500 children for severe acute malnutrition.

The support is expected to resume once the situation improves.

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