Al-Shabab storms Mogadishu government’s headquarters

Mogadishu (Caasimada Online) – Al-Shabab militant group launched a deadly attack on a regional government office in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, on Sunday.

The attack on Mogadishu Mayor’s office began with a suicide bombing, followed by gunfire. The extremists then made their way into the targeted building, killing security guards. 

The blast damaged buildings in the nearby area, and gunfire was still being heard near the mayor’s office.

A witness operating a business close to the offices stated that there were reports of gunfire inside the main building, but the situation inside is unknown. The witness also reported that there were some injuries. However, security forces have sealed off the entire area, and they have been instructed to move away.

The founder of the Aamin ambulance service Abdulkadir Adan reported that at least 16 wounded people have been collected from the scene, with no reported deaths yet.

“So far, we haven’t collected any dead people, but the gunshots are still ongoing; it could get worse,” he said.

“Most of the employees were rescued by security forces, but there are still some left inside,” said Mustafa Abdulle, a staff member at the headquarters.

Al-Shabab has taken responsibility for the attack through its communication channels, stating that its fighters “successfully entered the targeted building by eliminating the security guards.”

The group has been waging a bloody insurgency against the internationally-backed central government of Somalia for 15 years, carrying out attacks within and in neighboring countries. 

The group often carries out attacks in Mogadishu, and the federal government has declared “total war” against them.

The attack comes just days after another attack on a military camp in Galcad, a central Somalia town where seven soldiers were killed. The US military reported that more than 100 Al-Shabab militants carried out the attack. 

“The combined actions by partner forces on the ground and the collective self-defense strike is estimated to have resulted in three destroyed vehicles and approximately thirty al-Shabab terrorists killed,” the US military command for Africa (AFRICOM) said in a statement.

In response to the group’s brutality, the Somali army and local clan militias have mounted a major offensive against the group, retaking territory in the center of the country with the support of US air strikes.

But despite these gains, the militants continue to demonstrate their ability to strike back with lethal force against civilian and military targets. 

Source: Caasimada Online and News Agencies