Somali president arrives in Rome to boost bilateral ties

Rome (Caasimada Online) –  President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia has on Wednesday arrived in the Italian capital on a formal visit aimed at bolstering bilateral ties. 

President Mohamud was received by Italian officials at the Fiumicino airport in Rome and is set to meet with President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to explore avenues for increased collaboration, tackle regional challenges, and advance previously agreed-upon initiatives.

The Somali leader is expected to outline the country’s plan to combat Al-Shabab terrorism and solicit Italy’s support. The discussions will focus on investment, the economy, industry, and education. President Mohamud and his delegation are expected to sign several agreements and memorandums with their Italian counterparts.

This visit follows the recent trip of Italy’s deputy defense secretary, Matteo Perego, to Somalia, where he met with President Mohamud and explored the prospect of enhancing their historical relationship, particularly in the realms of security and the battle against terrorism.

Italy has been a key player in the international community’s efforts to support Somalia’s stability and growth in recent years. The country has provided humanitarian, technical, and military assistance to help Somalia combat terrorism, revive its economy and improve governance. 

Additionally, Italy has opened its doors to a large number of Somali refugees and migrants in recent decades, with the Somali diaspora in Italy being one of the largest in Europe.

Somalia and Italy share a long and intricate history marked by colonialism, migration, and political links. Although Somalia maintained close diplomatic relations with Italy after gaining independence from colonial rule in 1960, the relationship was strained during the civil war and subsequent political instability in Somalia.

As Somalia progresses towards stability and development, President Mohamud’s visit to Italy offers a chance to deepen bilateral ties further and identify new areas for cooperation between the two nations.