Tens dead in fresh fight in central Somalia

Abudwak, Somalia – The death toll from the ongoing civil war in the Galgaduud region has surpassed 50 as tribal conflict continues to escalate. Reports indicate that violence erupted yesterday in the Landheer area, located in the northern part of the region.

The clashes involve two tribal militias vying for control over grazing land between Caabudwaaq and Xeraale. The confirmed number of fatalities has now reached 50, with an additional 60 individuals reported injured following intense fighting yesterday.

Both militias have access to war vehicles and heavy weaponry, which can prolong the conflict and result in significant casualties and destruction.

In response, both the federal member state and Somalia’s central government have intensified efforts to restore peace. Security forces have been dispatched to the area to intervene between the warring parties.

A ministerial committee, comprising five members appointed by Ahmed Abdi Kariye, the state’s leader, is now working towards a resolution of the tribal dispute.

Despite recent stabilization and ongoing peace initiatives aimed at preventing further violence, the risk of renewed and bloody conflict remains high in the region. Tribal militias continue to face off against each other, with no significant deterrent to halt the fighting.

The primary cause of this deadly conflict is competition over grazing land, as no other substantial resources appear to be driving the violence.

The resurgence of tribal conflicts in Galmudug has had a devastating impact on local communities, particularly in central regions. Clan warfare and targeted killings have compounded the crisis, further destabilizing the area.

Abubakar Mohamed Ali