US announces additional $41 million in aid to Somalia

Mogadishu (Caasimada Online) – Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield announced today that the United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is providing more than $41 million in new, urgently needed assistance for the people of Somalia. 

The announcement was made during an unexpected visit by Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield to the Somali capital of Mogadishu, where she held a meeting with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. 

During the meeting, Mr. Mohamud shared with Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield the recent successes of the Somali military in their efforts to counter terrorist groups and liberate areas under their control. He also praised the United States for its contributions to the fight against Al-Shabab, recognizing its ongoing threat to the region. 

The President also highlighted the challenges faced by Somalia’s military rebuild and counter-terrorism efforts due to arms sanctions and requested support from the United States in lifting these sanctions. 

Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield announced that the United States would provide over $41 million in additional aid to address the humanitarian needs and save lives in Somalia. 

She acknowledged the dire humanitarian situation in Somalia resulting from climate change, COVID-19, and conflicts, including Al-Shabaab. She stressed the importance of the international community’s efforts to prevent further starvation.

The Ambassador praised the President, government, and people of Somalia for their efforts in fighting against Al-Shabab and liberating areas and presented how the United States will assist in providing basic needs and services to those affected by terrorism.

The prolonged drought’s impacts resulted in an overwhelming number of hunger-related deaths and extreme levels of human suffering, and famine remains a significant threat in parts of the country. 

Today’s new funding bolsters U.S. famine prevention efforts with a focus on addressing extreme food gaps, treating severe malnutrition in women and children, and combating the current outbreak of deadly diseases like measles and cholera.

This new assistance comes as the drought intensifies following a fifth failed rainy season, putting people at risk of further devastation and despair. 

Today’s announcement of more than $41 million will meet urgent needs for nearly 860,000 people across Somalia and enhance humanitarian coordination critical for the response. 

Today’s commitment also builds on $411 million in USAID assistance delivered in December, bringing the U.S. government’s contribution to more than $1.3 billion since the start of Fiscal Year 2022.