Turkey and Somalia strengthen judicial cooperation, sign new agreements

Ankara (Caasimada Online) – Turkey and Somalia have announced plans to strengthen their judicial cooperation, with Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag praising the efforts of the Somali authorities to end the activities of Turkish terrorist organizations in the country.  

During a meeting in the Turkish capital of Ankara, Bozdag revealed that the Somali authorities had handed over the management of schools belonging to these groups to the Turkish government. 

The two countries also plan to sign new agreements in the fields of human rights and justice.  

Somali Justice Minister Hassan Moalim praised the historical relations and common heritage shared by the two countries and highlighted the support provided by Turkey to Somalia. The two officials also discussed ways to develop their cooperation further. 

This comes as Turkey announced on Monday the appointment of Ibrahim Mete Yagli as its new ambassador to Somalia, replacing Mehmet Yilmaz, who has served in the role since December 2018.” 

Turkey has had a long history of relations with Somalia, dating back to the Ottoman Empire. In recent years, Turkey has become one of the major donors to Somalia, providing humanitarian and development assistance to the country.

In 2011, Turkey opened an embassy in Mogadishu, becoming the first country to do so since the collapse of the Somali government in 1991.

In addition to its development and humanitarian assistance, Turkey has also played a role in the stabilization of Somalia. Turkey has also provided training to Somali security forces.

The judicial cooperation between Turkey and Somalia is just one aspect of the broader relationship between the two countries.  

Both countries have expressed a desire to strengthen their ties further and cooperate in a variety of areas.