Gaetz stands firm on US military withdrawal in Somalia

Washington DC (Caasimada Online) – In recent tweets, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) reiterated his calls to remove U.S. troops from Somalia, arguing that the conflict-ridden country does not pose a “vital national security concern.”

Gaetz has been advocating for the withdrawal of American soldiers from Somalia, maintaining that their continued presence has proven expensive and largely fruitless.

Gaetz highlighted that the U.S. had maintained a military presence in Somalia since 1992. However, the country remains mired in violence and political instability.

“Somalia is entrenched in violence and political instability that has persisted for decades, and there seems to be no end in sight,” he wrote.

The Florida Republican added that while the United States is responsible for protecting its citizens and defending its interests, Somalia should not be a priority.

Gaetz urged the U.S. to focus on issues directly impacting its neighbors and prioritize its needs, stating, “It is time to bring our troops home and let Somalia find its path to stability.”

War powers resolution

Last month, Gaetz introduced a war powers resolution calling for removing U.S. Armed Forces from Somalia, except those protecting the U.S. Embassy.

The resolution mandated that these forces be withdrawn no later than 365 days after its adoption.

It has since been referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and must clear the committee before receiving a vote on the House floor.

A previous resolution to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria failed, highlighting divisions among members of both parties.

Gaetz criticized military leaders for their inability to assess their efficacy, stating, “The American people have extremely low confidence in our military leaders and their ability to assess their efficacy.”

He further questioned the justification for occupying Somalia and challenged Congress to explain how continuing the occupation serves the interests of the American people.

“If they cannot, it is incumbent upon the Congress to bring our troops home from Somalia,” Gaetz said.

Gaetz’s fight for withdrawal

Reflecting on the debate surrounding his resolution to withdraw troops from Syria, Gaetz noted that both Republicans and Democrats argued that the 2001 Authorization for the use of Military Force against Afghanistan served as a “global permission slip for every neocon fantasy.”

He anticipates similar arguments being made regarding Somalia.

By championing the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Somalia, Gaetz aims to shift the focus to domestic concerns and prioritize the well-being of American citizens.

As the resolution awaits further action from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, the debate over the U.S. military’s role in Somalia will continue.