Palestinian driver kills soldier in West Bank attack

Ramallah (Caasimada Online) – A surge in violence linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has culminated in another deadly attack on Thursday.

A Palestinian truck driver rammed into three Israeli soldiers near a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank, killing one before he was shot dead by Israeli officials, reported Avi Biton, head of the police central command.

This incident came just a day after a 14-year-old Palestinian stabbed a civilian at a tram station in Jerusalem.

“The people he hit with his truck were soldiers,” Biton stated. It was initially reported as a hit-and-run incident near the Maccabim checkpoint.

However, the driver was later intercepted and killed at another checkpoint at Hashmonaim, west of Ramallah.

The assailant, identified as Dawood Abed Razeq Fayez, hailed from the Deir Ammar refugee camp near Ramallah, according to a Palestinian security source who spoke to AFP under conditions of anonymity.

With a valid work permit for Israel, Fayez was no stranger to Israeli checkpoints.

Avi Biton, head of the police central command, corroborated this while briefing reporters, stating, “He was a 41-year-old Palestinian with legal authorization to work in Israel.”

Rising violence marks a grim year

This incident is the latest in an escalating series of violent events plaguing the region.

The attack comes on the heels of another incident on Wednesday when a 14-year-old Palestinian stabbed an Israeli civilian at a tram station in Jerusalem.

The same day, an improvised explosive device injured four Israeli soldiers near Nablus in the West Bank.

According to the Israeli army, one soldier was moderately wounded, while the others sustained light injuries.

“These events underscore an alarming rise in hostilities,” said an Israeli defense official who requested anonymity.

According to AFP, at least 224 Palestinians and 32 Israelis have lost their lives in the conflict this year alone.

Broader implications

The incident has drawn reactions from multiple quarters, including the Palestinian militant Hamas.

Controlling the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip, the group issued a statement saying the attack “affirms the ability of the resistance.”

Meanwhile, the Magen David Adom emergency service reported that five other individuals were injured in addition to the slain soldier during the episode.

Among the wounded were two soldiers, a 15-year-old Palestinian, and a couple whose car was struck as Fayez attempted to flee the scene.

The violence surge has multifaceted implications for Israel and Palestine and the larger geopolitical stage.