Somali police arrest dozens of social media influencers for public incitement

Mogadishu (Caasimada Online) – Photos of 21 of these youths, who are well-known on social media platforms such as TikTok, have been published on the official Facebook page of the Banadir regional police.

According to a police statement, the operation was conducted over the course of one day.

“In a 24-hour operation, the General Division Police successfully arrested 21 youths involved in activities causing disorder and disrupting community unity.”

The SPF (Somali Police Force) statement added that the police have initiated an investigation to identify the organizers behind these acts committed by the youths. “Those accused will be brought before the competent court for prosecution.”

The statement further emphasized that this action serves as a warning to the general public, particularly the youth, to avoid behaviors that could lead to chaos and conflict within the capital’s society.

“The Somali people, particularly those in and around the capital city, are advised to refrain from engaging in immoral acts, making provocative speeches, and insulting citizens.”

This operation by the security forces follows a clash that occurred last night between youths who had arranged to fight against each other via social media. The groups were divided along clan lines, posing a threat to social cohesion.

While no casualties were reported from the clash, residents of the capital and local intellectuals are calling on the government to take decisive action to prevent the organization of such conflicts in the future.