Trump to target Somalia in travel ban revival if elected

Washington (Caasimada Online) – During a speech at the Turning Point Action conference, an assembly organized by far-right figurehead Charlie Kirk, former President Donald Trump expressed his intent to rejuvenate and strengthen his previously imposed travel ban, promising to make it “bigger and much stronger” than before.

The reinstatement of this policy signifies Trump’s ambition to control who enters the country, mainly targeting citizens from majority-Muslim nations such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

He said, “When I return to the office, the travel ban is returning. The U.S. will not be condemned for the same fate as countries like France.”

The travel ban, known for its rigorous selection process, was a policy cornerstone during Trump’s tenure.

It included an indefinite suspension of the Syrian refugee program and a temporary suspension of all other refugee programs.

The Supreme Court upheld the ban, which President Joe Biden later abolished upon entering office.

Trump, however, does not shy away from his previous policies, “Under the Trump administration, we imposed extreme vetting and put on a powerful travel ban to keep radical Islamic terrorists and jihadists out of our country — and with great success,” he asserted.

He also indicated that he would reinstate Title 42, a policy that denied asylum to migrants and returned them across the border, aiming to “end the child trafficking crisis.”

Trump’s vision of American culture

Beyond his plans to reestablish the travel ban, Trump emphasizes the need for immigrants to assimilate and uphold American values.

He advocates deep-seated love and respect for the country from its prospective citizens. He said, “We want people who can love and cherish our country.”

The former president also discussed immigration reform. He proposed an executive order that would end automatic citizenship for children of illegal aliens, a move he believed would deter illegal immigrants and their extended families from entering the country.

Trump’s speech wasn’t limited to immigration policies and travel bans.

Despite his ties to Operation Warp Speed, the covid-19 vaccine initiative launched under his administration, he also engaged with contentious topics, such as vaccine conspiracy theories.

He alluded to a potential reconsideration of his stance. “I will continue my long record of standing up to Big Pharma by creating a presidential commission to investigate what is causing the decades-long increase in childhood diseases, autoimmune disorders, autism, obesity, infertility, and other chronic health problems,” he said.

Critics argue this statement might be a subtle nod to unfounded claims linking vaccinations to autism, a theory long dismissed by the scientific community.

Classified document controversy

Turning to the controversy surrounding the transportation of classified documents to Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s private resort in Florida, he expressed incredulity about potential legal consequences.

His comments shed light on his perception of legality, particularly surrounding his behavior.

“I had boxes piled up in front of the White House, and everybody was taking pictures of them because I wasn’t hiding anything,” he disclosed.

The documents were reportedly stored in unsecured locations, including a ballroom stage and a bathroom at Mar-a-Lago.

Despite the various indictments and legal controversies that have dogged his political career, Trump maintained his defiance.

He claimed that each indictment from the “radical left Democrats” was a “badge of honor and courage,” seeing them as sacrifices made on behalf of his supporters.