US donates $9m in weapons and equipment to Somalia

Mogadishu (Caasimada Online) – The United States has announced a $9 million donation of weapons, support and construction vehicles, explosive ordnance, disposal kits, medical supplies, and maintenance equipment to the Somali army.

The package is intended for the elite Danab battalions, including those who operate in the HirShabelle and Galmudug states, and will be used to support the campaign by the Somali National Army to liberate Somalia’s communities from the terrorist group al-Shabab.

“The $9 million in weapons, vehicles, and equipment from the United States will support the successful campaign by the Somali National Army to liberate Somalia’s communities from al-Shabaab,” said the US Embassy in Mogadishu in a statement. 

“We are grateful to the Minister of Defense, Abdulkadir Mohamed Nor, and the Somali National Army Force Commander, Odowaa Yusuf Rage, for their efforts in combating al-Shabaab.”

Minister Nor welcomed the donation, stating that the lethal and non-lethal logistical support received would boost the capabilities of the Danab forces as they continue to fight against the terrorist group.

The US has been a strategic partner for Somalia in the fight against al-Shabab for many years, providing financial and military support to the Somali Military. In addition to the weapons and equipment donation, the US also trains the Danab forces. 

The Danab (meaning “lightning” in Somali) is a highly trained and specialized unit within the Somali National Army. They were initially established with the assistance of the US in 2013 as a counter-terrorism force to fight against al-Shabab. 

The Danab has been instrumental in the ongoing efforts to defeat the extremist group and bring stability to the country, achieving several significant victories and playing a crucial role in protecting civilians and providing security for infrastructure projects.

“The weapons received from our partners today showcase the remarkable progress made by our Military,” said Minister Nor. 

“The US has remained a strategic partner for Somalia in combating al-Shabaab over the years. The donation of $9 million in weapons and equipment is just the latest example of the US commitment to supporting the Somali Military in its efforts to bring stability and security to the country.”

The US has a long history of supporting Somalia in its fight against al-Shabaab, and this latest donation is a testament to the ongoing commitment of the US to the Somali Military and the people of Somalia.