Fight against Al-Shabab is Jihad, Somali Islamic Scholars ruled

Mogadishu (Caasimada Online) – Somali Islamic Scholars ruled on Thursday that the ongoing war against the terrorist group Al-Shabab is considered a “Jihad,” and those who die in the fight against the group are considered “martyrs.”

This decision was reached during a conference held in Mogadishu from January 23-26, 2023, where scholars discussed the religious legitimacy of Al-Shabab and Daesh and aimed to prevent the groups from interpreting Islam in their own way.

The conference was attended by prominent Islamic scholars from across Somalia and around the world, who came together to address the issue of extremist groups such as Al-Shabab and Daesh, and their impact on Somali society. 

The scholars aimed to present a clear and united stance to prevent the groups from exploiting religious teachings to justify their actions.

The conference also praised the President of Somalia for his efforts in the fight against Al-Shabab and Daesh. It urged the government to continue to work towards eliminating extremist ideologies and promoting the principles of Islam. 

The scholars recognized the importance of a united front in the fight against terrorism and the need for all sectors of society to come together to address the issue.

Additionally, the conference deemed Al-Shabab, Daesh, Shia, and similar groups as enemies of the Islamic religion and the Somali nation. The scholars emphasized that these groups have no religious legitimacy and that their actions are not in line with the teachings of Islam. It was also agreed that it is not allowed to spread the ideas of these groups, as they are harmful to society.

The press release from the conference states, “The Conference of Somali Islamic Scholars unanimously tells the Somali community that Al-Shabab and Daesh are Kharijite criminals whose blood is priceless and we all have a duty to fight them; Anyone who fights or dies in the war against the Kharijites is a martyr who is expected to enter the people that our Messenger, may his mercy and peace be upon him, said that they will be in Paradise.”

The conference also agreed that dealing with these groups, in any form, such as giving livestock seeking justice from them, and hiding someone from them, is prohibited and against the good practice of Islam. The scholars urged the community to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activities to the authorities.

One of the primary outcomes of the conference was also the condemnation of the recent act of a man who burned a Quran in public in Stockholm, Sweden. The scholars emphasized that such actions are disrespectful to the religion and harmful to the Muslim community.

In conclusion, Somali Islamic scholars have taken a strong stance against extremist groups such as Al-Shabab and Daesh. They have made it clear that their actions are not in line with the teachings of Islam. 

The conference aimed to demonstrate that the Somali government’s fight against terrorism encompasses military and political strategies and religious and ideological efforts.