Somali Prime Minister lauds strengthening ties with Qatar

Doha (Caasimada Online) – Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H E Hamza Abdi Barre, shed light on the deepening ties between Somalia and Qatar.

Barre emphasized the unique bond: “Somalia does not see Qatar as a mere partner, but rather a strategic ally and reliable friend.” He affirmed that Qatar’s continuous aid and support have been paramount in various situations.

“Qatar has never hesitated to assist on issues at both regional and international forums,” Barre remarked.

This camaraderie is evident in Qatar’s consistent support for Somali development projects.

Qatar’s involvement has been instrumental, from road infrastructure and rehabilitation of government facilities to assisting in countering crises and addressing humanitarian concerns.

The Prime Minister also recalled Qatar’s hosting of the third meeting of the quint group in Somalia last June, which highlighted Qatar’s vital role in promoting regional and international development and stability in Somalia.

Untapped potential and forward plans

Turning the spotlight to prospects, Barre highlighted the vast resources of Somalia, waiting to be explored.

With its sprawling coastline stretching over 3330km, enriched with abundant fish, approximately 8.5 million hectares of fertile land, and livestock numbers close to 40 million, Somalia holds immense potential for further trade and investment.

Energy sectors and various other industries also present numerous opportunities.

“We anticipate expanding our cooperation to significant fields such as education, culture, human wealth development, and efforts to combat extreme ideologies,” Barre elaborated.

He added that both nations are keen to enhance joint committees, ensuring that existing agreements and memoranda are implemented, thereby intensifying collaboration on concerns of mutual interest to both Arab and Islamic communities globally.

Building on historical trust

The alliance between Qatar and Somalia is not a recent phenomenon. Reflecting on this, Barre mentioned, “There exists a well-established rapport between our nations, serving as an epitome of exceptional international relations.”

Such ties, he believes, have augmented the degree of trust and mutual support, subsequently boosting the rate of collaboration in economic, security, and developmental sectors.

In summing up the trajectory of the bilateral relationship, the Prime Minister emphasized the significant progress made over the years.

He said, “This visit further reinforces our commitment to deepening our partnership in all domains, aiming to foster peace, stability, and prosperity within Arab and Islamic nations.”