Wargeysyada Israel oo xaqiijiyey warkii Caasimada Online: Xasan Sheekh oo la kulmay Netanyahu

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Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – War qoraal ah oo kusoo baxay Wargeyska The Times of Israel, ayaa waxaa lagu sheegay in kulan khaas ah uu dhex maray Madaxweynaha Somalia Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud iyo Ra’isul wasaaraha dalka Israel Binjamin Netanyahu.

Caasimada Online ayaa ahayd warbaahintii ugu horreysay ee shaacisay kulanka Xasan Sheekh iyo Netanyahu iyo socdaalkii qarsoodiga ahaa uu Xasan ku tagay magaalada Tel-Aviv. Halkan ka aqri warkii aan qornay 21-ka June 2016.

Wargeyska ayaa sheegay in kulanka labada Mas’uul uu ahaa mid khaas ah oo ay uga arrinsanayeen arrimaha Somalia kaasi oo aan la shaacin waxyaabihii kasoo baxay.

Wargeyska Times of Israel waxa uu sidoo kale xusay in Caasimada Online ay ahayd warbaahintii ugu horreysay ee warkan qortay laba toddobaad kahor.

Si kastaba, wargeyska Times of Israel waxa uu sheegay in ilo-wareedyo gaar u ah ayaga ay ka xaqiijiyeen warkan.

Wargeyska waxa uu qoray in kulanka labada Mas’uul uu ahaa kii ugu horeeyay, waxa uuna Wargeysku qoray in xogta kulanka labada Mas’uul ay lawadaagen ilo ku dhow dhow Madaxweynaha Somalia.

Qoraalka Wargeyska The Times of Israel waxaa sidoo kale lagu qeexay in kulanka labada Mas’uul uu cadeeyay Sarkaal Sare oo ku dhow Madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud balse Sarkaalka ma sheegin in kulankaasi uu ka dhacay magaalada madaxda Israel ee Tel Aviv iyo in kale.


Halkan ka aqri warbixinta The Times of Israel ama hoos ka aqri ayada oo English ah.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently met with the president of Somalia in a first high-level contact between the two countries, a source close to the Somali leader told The Times of Israel.

Israel does not have diplomatic relations with the East African nation, which has a population of some 11 million. Somalia, a mostly Sunni Muslim country and a member of the Arab League, has never recognized the State of Israel.

Two weeks ago, a report on the Caasimada Online, a news website operated by journalists opposed to the Somali regime, stated that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and three other Somali officials came to Tel Aviv on a short visit and met there with Netanyahu and other Israeli officials.

A senior official close to Mohamud confirmed to The Times of Israel that the meeting took place, though the official could not say whether it was held in Tel Aviv.

Another meeting between the two leaders is planned for the near future, the senior official said.

The source said there was also a lower-level official meeting in Jerusalem in December, involving representatives from the Israeli economy ministry and officials from Somalia.

Mohamud, who took office in 2012, is considered by some to be a reformer. In 2013, he was featured in Time magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. “The leader of Somalia’s first constitutional government in 20 years, President Mohamud symbolizes an increasingly confident Africa that is shedding its long history of strife and moving toward greater stability and prosperity,” Rwandan President Paul Kagame wrote at the time.

Israeli officials on Tuesday refused to comment on the matter.

Netanyahu on Tuesday neither confirmed or denied a meeting with Mohamud in Tel Aviv. Responding to a question from The Times of Israel during a briefing with reporters, he replied: “I don’t want to answer your specific question. I can merely say that we have lot of contacts with countries that we don’t have formal relations with. A lot of contacts.”

Netanyahu is currently on a tour through four countries in Eastern Africa, including Kenya and Ethiopia, which borders Somalia.

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