Exposed: Somalia President secretly tries to endorse some State House Officials into the Parliament.

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Somalia president’s secret mission to include some of his cronies who are also family members and Villa Somalia officials into the new parliament has been exposed by sources within the government.

This mission has been rendered fruitless after the officials failed to secure the desired votes in the parliament. The individuals are now stranded and lost all hopes of joining the parliament in the next government.

Some of the individuals the president proposed as the next parliamentarians are personal assistants and close allies.

The names of the individuals are: –

1- Sadaq Abdikarim: Deputy director of state house affairs who wanted to vie for parliamentary seat in the name of president’s sub-clan but was rejected by the federal electoral commission.

2- Shador Haji Shador: One of the state house officials who lost all confidence of being Member of Parliament after the electoral commission rejected him.

3- Abdirahman Turyare: Former chief of National Security Agency and a close relative of president Hassan.

The president was counting on these people and was confident of his re-election but it seems the parliament has turned the tables on him and his future is hanging on a balance.

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