Benadir Regional Administration to provide free education for 10,000 kids in Mogadishu BA

By Saalax Saciid Sabriye

One of the key priorities of Benadir Regional Administration (BRA) is to provide access to public education at the primary and secondary level across the seventeen districts of Benadir Region.

The Benadir Regional Administration (BRA) led by Mayor Thabit Abdi Mohamed, in close coordination with the UNHCR based in Mogadishu, launched the implementation of rehabilitation and furnishing of schools within the city as well as improvement of self-reliance and livelihoods of the people.

“Our aim is to have at least one public school for each of our districts, so that children have access to free education which is imperative for the advancement of our children, it is a powerful investment and speaks to public accountability” Thabit Abdi Mohamed Mayor of Mogadishu said

However, the main objective of the ambitious project is to strengthen access to primary school education benefitting 10,000 children of school going age through renovating and expanding the capacity of 5 primary schools and 1 TVET centre in Mogadishu and also to improve livelihoods opportunities for returnees, IDPs and poor host community

In a bid to re-build and shape the image of the city, the project is investing in locally available skilled labour including engineers, masonry and plumbing for employment opportunities. The project is guided by community participation and strengthens community ownership. Aside from the project benefit of skilled labour, 1000 (Thousand) unskilled Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and returnees’ youth are employed in their district of their residence. All seventeen districts in BRA provided access to employment to vulnerable IDPS/returnees and host community youth.


Benadir Regional Administration (BRA)
Federal Republic of Somalia