Kenyan soldiers hit by bomb blast near border town

MOGADISHU — Roadside bomb explosion has ripped through an armored personell carrier with Kenyan soldiers near its border along Somalia.

The explosion targeted Kenyan military soldiers travelling through near Dhobley, a town close to Somali-Kenya border, causing untold number of casualties.

It is too early to say the exact number of soldiers who were killed or injured in the bomb explosion.

The attack was immediately claimed by Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab.

There was no word from Kenyan military over the claims.

The attack comes days after two people were killed and several others injured in bus ambush attack claimed by Al Shabaab in Kenya’s Garissa town.

The explosions increasingly have been the weapons of choice for Al-Shabab, according to UN-mine action mission in Somalia.

The group frequently targets Somali and AMISOM military convoys with roadside bomb explosions as part of their deadly ambushes on supply routes in south-central Somalia.

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