Raila, Kalonzo to be sworn-in before January 31

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

National Super Alliance leader Raila Odinga and his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka will finally be sworn-in before the end of January.

Organizing Committee of the People’s Assembly Member Oduor Ong’wen told a news conference that an Assumption of Office Committee is already in place and working on a road map that will culminate in the much-anticipated inauguration of the two as the People’s Assembly President and Deputy President.

“We can assure Kenyans that definitely it is not going to be done later than the end of this month, but the committee will reveal the full programme,” he stated while fielding questions from reporters.

“We are of course alive to the fact that the public is very eager to hear about the swearing-in of the People’s President and Deputy President. This is on course. It will be the biggest public event that Kenya has seen since independence.”

He said this as he announced the resumption of a programme of activities aimed at sensitizing the public of the roles and duties of People’s Assembly conventions which will culminate with the inaugural National People’s Convention in Nairobi where Odinga and Musyoka will be sworn-in.

“You will recall that in the Christmas and New Year message; NASA declared 2018 the year we choose between resigning ourselves to dictatorship, to accept and move on, or to stand up for what we believe in,” he explained.

“NASA called upon Kenyans to choose between accepting that the vote will no longer matter and demanding that each vote counts and each vote must be counted.”

Ong’wen said the activities will kick off this weekend, when the NASA principals embark on a tour of Western Kenya with trips to Busia and Kakamega where People’s Assembly gatherings will be held.

The inaugural convention was held in Mombasa and Kilifi counties in December last year as the coalition pushes with the people-driven initiative to ensure electoral justice and self-determination in the country.

“In Kilifi, we experienced first-hand the outpouring of emotions and resolve of the people. The other regions will convene similar forums in the course of this month. The end result will be the inaugural National People’s Convention at a date the people themselves shall decide,” Ong’wen said.

Source: – Capitalfm