Somalia: Quarry collapse kills 3 people in Kismayo

KISMAYO, Somalia (Caasimada Online) – At least 3 people have been killed and two others injured in an accident at a quarry in the south of Somalia’s Kismayo town.

The sides of the quarry, where people were digging for rocks and sand for use in building-materials, caved, a miner, Mohamed Hussein, said.

Hussein says miners had been working hard when a quarry wall crashed, leaving 3 of his friends dead

“I was lucky to be outside of the cave when a large stone crashed as we were digging sides of the quarry”, he said.

Hussein told Caasimada Online that one of the victims is believed to be seriously injured.

The quarry is often packed with casual workers hoping to make living from the building boom, which was badly destroyed by decades of civil war.

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