High tension in Northern Mandera as gunmen kill six people

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Tension is high in northern Mandera after six people were killed and two others injured by gunmen who attacked a village in Mandera County.

Mandera County Commissioner, Kutswa Olaka who confirmed the attack said heavily armed suspected Gurre militia stormed Dumaal village of Banisa town on Wednesday.

“Gurre clan militiamen who crossed the border from Ethiopia killed six people from Dogodia clan including four from same family and seriously wounded two others,” said Kutwa who spoke to the media in Mandera town.

According to the local media, fighting between Gurre and Dogodia clans started in Ethiopia where the clans live, before the clashes spilt to Kenya’s side.

The latest attack is said to be revenge after suspected Dogodia militiamen killed two men in Ethipia.

The leaders and clerics in Mandera County have raised concern over the consistent inter-clan clshes in the county.

Religious, politicians, civil society groups headed by Mandera County Governor, Ali Roba on Wednesday evening called on the warring sides to end hostility and embrace peace.

Mohamed Osman, a member of Mandera County Assembly urged the security agencies and the government to intervene the situation before it goes out of hand.

“I condemn the recurring clashes in the county. The root of the conflict has not been addressed yet. Let the government agencies take their role to quell the clashes that claimed the lives of the innocent people,” said Osman.

The attack comes on the heel of last month’s raid on a village near Dhabacity locality where three people were wounded.

The two clans who live both Ethiopia and Kenya have been engaging in gun battle in recent years over boundary demarcation.