Mohammad Abdullahi Farmaajo is the nation’s premier choice

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Assalamu Alaikum

Our Former prime-minster H.E. Mohammad Abdullahi Farmaajo is and will always be the best Premiership choice for all Somali people. He is a leader that Somalis of all tribes, clans, regions and all walks of life trust, admire, respect and believe in his vision of peaceful, united and stable Somalia-with the exception of “One tribal state”, for them he is just from the wrong clan”.

He is a leader who is neither interested in looting the public assets, serve clan interests or tribal state, as many do nor, but instead is rightly dedicated in leaving a great legacy for all Somalis to cherish and celebrate forever. He is a man of action, and a great patriotic leader that delivered in the past and can and insha Allah will deliver again, provided that he gets a chance. See his response that highlighted few of his achievements and accomplishments when accused of corruption.  He is a leader who is committed to bringing the hope, unity and brotherhood of our beloved Somali people back together. He is definitely a leader from the people and for the people unlike those so-called political leaders whom are imported by outside forces and are imposed on the Somali people, But because of his patriotic believes, ideologies, philosophies and most important actions many of our local and foreign enemies don’t want him come back at all under any circumstance. They are determined to never allow him get another chance in the Somali Politics at all costs. Those oppose him most are our neighboring countries “Specially Ethiopia and Kenya” respectively which are continuously interfering in the internal Somali politics in its deepest details. They especially don’t like him for awakening the hope of the Somali nationhood by bypassing the low level local tribal conflicts, because [they] spent all their resources in order to kill that hope of a peaceful, united and stable Somali Nation. [They] regularly produce grade D so-called politicians whose levels are only up to the mini-tribal states and clan interests even if they have reached the level of Associate Professorship or are even Harvard educated.

The biggest three of the six troops contributing countries to the AMISOM “Peace Keeping” Force which are: Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, hate him too with the exception of Burundi and Sierra Leon which are neutral, and Djibouti which is rightly pro-Somalia. The first three countries contribute the largest troop numbers to AMISOM, and benefit most from the Somali crisis in terms of International support of logistics, Arms, training, funds, and last political and diplomatic support for their regimes, such as the Yoweri Museveni regime of Uganda who is  the President of Uganda since 1986 who plans to be a president for life, although he is also preparing his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba who is a Brigadier in the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) to succeed him. The Son is also the Commander of the Special Forces Group, which contains the unit known as Presidential Guard Brigade responsible for providing security to the President of Uganda and to Uganda’s constitutional monarchs.

They also don’t like him because Mr.Farmajo started rebuilding the Somali army which was one of the largest and strongest armies in Africa in the 70s, by paying them regularly which was not the case before him, and really enhancing their spirit and moral. [They] saw the rebuilding of the Somali Armed Forces as a real threat to both their national interests and to the national security of the Ethiopia and Kenya which were given part of Somalia by the former colonial powers. It is important to note that Ethiopia and Somalia had two wars, that is why both Ethiopia and Kenya are united for the destruction of Somalia and keeping the way it is for centuries to come. They are also strategically determined to divide it into “Mini Tribal States” with the cover of “Fake so-called Federalism” with the help of some so-called local politicians who are actually puppets for these enemies, and because their troops which are currently stationed in different parties of the country might not be needed, which means their whole “Somalia Project” which they benefits from so much, might come to an end sooner than they would have liked it end, that is why they have collaborated with the devil to get red off him in the first place  and to never allow it to happen again, even if it means assassinating him once he is in the Somali soul.

Imagine! What Israel will do if given the chance of becoming part of a peace keeping force in Palestine in order to help Palestinians rebuild their nation, and have a fully functioning, strong, peaceful, stable and sovereign nation!

The International organizations that are based in Nairobi-Kenya and their local affiliates around the country who are sucking the blood from the Somali people and looting almost $1Billion/year of the aid money intended for the suffering Somali people hate Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo too. They hate to see him back in Somali Politics, because he has challenged them when he was briefly the Prime-minster of Somalia. He told them to move from Nairobi to the Capital city of Somalia: Mogadishu, and work among the people they claim they serve. He also requested from the international donors to directly give whatever they are donating to the elected officials and government of the Somali people, instead of handing over the international aid to these selfish intermediaries who use our money as theirs, and spend on the 5-star hotels they stay, holidaying in the most luxurious resorts around the world, and buying Mansions of their own wherever they like. These interest groups have spent a lot of money, time and effort, and were actually part of the core culprits of the political coup that got rid of Farmajo. They are also now doing whatever they can in order to prevent him from coming back to the Somali politics in the near future.

It is also true that President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud and his team don’t want Farmajo just because he insists on coming up with all the members of his cabinet exclusively without their interference, or even suggestions at all what so ever, which is very hard to accept for the president and his inner circle, because today’s politics demands teammates, friends and Allies, since most of the time the president and the prime-minster collide, that is in addition to the hardcore resistances and opposition from all those groups that we have just mentioned. I wish if Mr.Farmajo accepts limited number of Cabinet seats from the President’s Inner circle (at least Farah A/Qadir and A/Kareen Guled), so that we will have him as our next premier and it might be a win-win solution for us all.

Can you imagine! That Mohammad Abdullahu Farmajo was the only prime-minster ever that all Somalis regardless of their clan affiliations demonstrated for both inside the country and outside, when all those groups collaborated with each other in order to destroy his political career, and with him bury the hope of the Somali people! Can you also imagine! That hundreds of sons where named after him, including my best friend’s son: M.Farmajo Aamir Hassan Abdullahi because of the respect, and admiration that all Somalis have for him and because of the nationalist wakening and feelings that he inspired.


Mr.Mohammad Abdullahi Farmajo proved to us all when he was the prime-minster that the Somali people will love, and support any true leader that genuinely shows real “Soomaalinimo”, regardless of his clan, since tribalism is the biggest contagious disease that we Somalis have which our enemies sadly exploit so effectively. He practically showed us all that the Somali people will stand by your side if they see you as their visionary leader who is truly committed, dedicated and determined in putting Somalia first no matter what the pressure or even threats are directed at you and your team.

He convinced us all that a real leader should concentrate on making real positive changes in the lives of his people and making a difference for the good in his nation, and last leaving a great legacy behind that many will remember forever.

At the end; I must say, although Mohammad Abdullahi Farmajo is the ideal candidate for the currently vacant premiership post, and the fact that Somalis of all walks of life would have liked to see him as their next prime-minster, his chances of becoming our next prime-minster is too slim realistically speaking, because of all those political realities which we have just explained, but If we Somalis are really lucky enough, we will see Farmajo as our next Prime-minster, and our Future Somali President, insha Allah.
By: Abdulkadir M. Osman “Abdiboqor”

Former Deputy Dean and full-time lecturer of Faculty of Finance and Administrative Sciences,

Al-Madinah International University, Malaysia., Minnesota, USA