Qatar Charity steps up relief in Somalia

By Asad Cabdullahi Mataan

Due to the worsening of famine in Somalia, which caused the death of 100 people within 48 hours, and the unprecedented drought, which threatens the life of 5 million Somalis, Qatar Charity has decided to increase its efforts to help Somali people by implementing a number of new urgent projects, which was actually initiated by a project aimed at providing about 19,000 affected people with food and medical supplies.

The project contributes to saving the lives of people affected by drought and malnutrition.
International organisations report that more than 2 million Somalis need urgent relief, and one million children suffer from malnutrition.

The project also seeks to alleviate the suffering of people living in drought-affected areas who have lost their livestock and have been displaced from their villages and rural areas owing to lack of necessities of life such as water, food and medicine.

Mohammed Al Kaabi, QC’s Director of Relief Department, said that QC has begun to intervene to face the drought in Somalia since the beginning of the crisis earlier this year.
It launched “Somalia: suffering and drought” campaign where it carried out several projects in different areas, and the last of which was the unceasing project of supplying people of the West Somalia region with potable water.

Besides, QC has urged the benefactors to help support their humanitarian efforts through “#Famine-hits-Somalia” hashtag and continue to give a helping hand to their brothers to save their lives before it gets too late.

He pointed out that the new relief project, which will be implemented in the next few days, aims to provide relief to more than 1,800 affected families. Each family will benefit from a food basket that lasts for a month and contains rice, sugar, flour, edible oil, dates and milk.

In addition, QC will be leading medical convoys that provide the needy with health services. The stocks are ‘water supply’ worth QR 100, ‘food basket worth QR300, and ‘medical services’ worth QR500.

Donations to this campaign can be made using one of the means: a text message having “soa” symbol to 92632 to donate QR50, and to 92642 to donate QR200, and to 92428 to donate QR500. You can also donate to the campaign via e-mail to QC or via the hotline: 44667711, or through collection points and QC’s self-service devices in the malls.

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